130+ Best Clever WiFi Names for Router & Network SSID

Being clever is a natural phenomenon for some and some it is cultivated. Experiences teach a lot they say! And it is true. When you try to go around the world, the worst and the best adventurous experiences you have will teach you a lot.

But we are not here to be smart enough to roam around the world. We are here to be bright in our surroundings, our friends, and our other social groups.

Wi-Fi is obviously one of the easily recognizable spots for anyone to recognize how cleverly you have set up your WiFi name. This moment will heap you praise for being intelligent enough to keep your Wi-Fi name so unique.

Keeping clever WiFi names also mean that they should be easily understandable, it describes your thought process, your ideas that are manufactured or born to come up with like that.

To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of few clever WiFi names, which are definitely in a clever sense and are ready to use. So let’s get started!


Clever WiFi Names

Here, we have given you some of the Best Clever WiFi names for your Router, Network SSID which will surely show your cleverness to your friends as well as to your neighbors.

Serial NumberBest Clever WiFi Names
11/7 of our lives are Mondays.
2Abraham Linksys
3Access Denied
5AMA I am the Internet
6And she called it a … Wi-Fi
7And they lived happily and often ever after.
8Avengers destructible Wi-Fi
9Bang Bang!
10Because a LANnister Never Forgets
11Best Wi-Fi range
12Beware of dogs
13Bill Clinternet
14Bongo Hotspot
15Buy a new smartphone?
17Call me to connect
18Check outside
19Christopher noLAN
20Click on Connect and Enter Password
22DEA Surveillance #4188A87
23Encrypted for Your Pleasure
24Everyday I am buffering
25FBI Surveillance Van #119871
26Free Wi-Fi are awesome, I wish everybody had one.
27Free Wi-Fi for everyone.
28Get Off My LAN
29Girls gone wireless
30God gave us Internet
31Good Wi-Fi
32Google it for the password
33Guest Internet
34Hacker’s Wi-Fi
35Harm your device
36Hidden network
38Honey Spot.
39I am here
40I am not your assistant
41I am too fast to handle
42I am under your bed
43I am very slow
44I am watching you
45I am Wi-Fi Use me.
46I can hear u having s*x
47I feel naughty
48I me myself and I .
49I now pronounce u man and Wi-Fi
50I’m Cheating on my Wi-Fi
51I’m In Your Closet
52I’m Watching You Now
53If a person really wants to live, then only help is free Wi-Fi.
54If the music is too loud – most probably you’re too old.
55ilEAGLE Wi-Fi
59It Connects when IP
60It Hurt when IP.
61It is an open Wi-Fi
62It never get easier, You just get stronger
64John Wilkes Bluetooth
65Keep it on the Download
66Left Swipe for Password
67Let Me Out Of Your Router
68Life is short. Have a bit of Free Wi-Fi …
69Life is short. Smile while you have free Wi-Fi.
70Live as someone has left an open gate for you.
71living is good. But I’d prefer to have the good Wi-Fi connection.
73Making out with your Aunty
74Malware Repository
75McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi
76Mi-Fi, not your-Fi
77Mom – Click Here for the Internet
78Mom Click Here for Internet
80Mr. Wi-Fi
81My data is not for sale
82My Neighbors Suck!
83Network Not Found
84New England Clam Router
85No Internet Access
86No more grinding at 3 am
87No Wi-Fi For You
89No Wi-Fi No Cry
90Not a free Wi-Fi
91Nothing poisons life more than Free Wi-Fi.
92NSA Net Secure
93Occam’s Router
96Password is Your name
97Please Click For Identity Theft
98Pretty Fly for Wi-Fi
99Right Swipe for Internet
100Skynet Global Defense Network
101Smart Wi-Fi for smart persons.
102Stay Away from my Wi-Fi
103Stop polluting the environment.
104Stop using our internet.
106The Airplance Fart Bandit
107The LAN Before Time
108The NSA monitors this network
109The Promised LAN
110This is Lincoln’s Gift
111This LAN is your Lan. And this is my Lan.
112Two Girls One Router
114Undercover Police Car #751
115Unlockable Wi-Fi
116Unprotected CeX
117UnProtected Wi-Fi
118Untrusted Network
119Use this one mom.
120Use your phone number
121Value the Wi-Fi! It’s the substance that life is made of.
122Virus Detected! Do Not Join
123Virus infected
124Virus infected Wi-Fi
125Vodka is answer to most question
126Warning! Malware signals
127Why don’t you mind your own business
128Wi Believe When you can Fi
129Wi-Fi Geeker
130Wi-Fi is in the air
131Wi-Fi Password is *******
132Win this free laptop
133Wireless Sparrow
134Yell “Eggroll” for password
136You are standing on a barren land
137You cannot Wi-Fi me
138Your device is cracked.
139Your Dog Shits In My Yard


These Wi-Fi names would have undoubtedly attracted you and if you think whether to choose it or not and perhaps your friends will come to know that this idea behind your Wi-Fi name was not your original idea but was taken from this site, then worry not! We have an alternative thought about it.

Firstly, you can modify them as per your wish as these Wi-Fi names are free to use. Secondly, you can definitely brag about it, that it was initially your idea and you have shared your opinion with us!

Bragging sometimes is definitely good for health you know! Well, the above two points would have convinced you to use these Wi-Fi names, if still not, then these names will still be here and you can come back whenever you have a second thought about it.

If you use, we insist you spread a word to your friends or colleagues if they are also looking for a website that has some pretty cool stuff about Wi-Fi names.

So what was your favorite clever Wi-Fi name? Let us know in the comments section below!


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hafiz - May 25, 2019

Cool idea! When I open a smartphone and searching for wifi, some name really makes me smile. like: Tomas Alba Edison, virus.exe, searching…., let s_x


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