Creative WiFi Names

How often have you seen the boring names of the Wi-Fi router connections displayed after the manufacturer’s name? Don’t you feel bored when you see the same names again and again? How about trying something interesting that will definitely catch someone’s attention and they start talking about your Wi-Fi router? This article is definitely about that, where we have listed down some creative Wi-Fi names that get you going.

All you have to do is just login to your router’s admin website and go to the settings page where you can easily change the Wi-Fi name as per your wish. These names are based from the Internet research as well as our own creative thinking that lets you enjoy the way you talk about your Wi-Fi or the router. These names will make you or your router stand out from rest of your friends. You just have to pick any one of your favorite names and place it in the router name text box.

We know it might sound little selfish, but still, the after benefits you receive after making the changes is something extraordinary. These creative wifi network names are developed that will also get you a token of appreciation from your circle of friends when they try to connect to your Wi-Fi or even get to know about that. Out of the listed Wi-Fi names try any one of those, and we are sure that you and your friends will definitely enjoy it.

Best Creative Names for WiFi
creative wifi names

Serial NumberCreative WiFi Names
1Not A free wifi
2Get off my LAN
3Password is me
4Defense Guarded Wifi
5Network Unavailable
6404 Error not available
7Pretty Fly for a wifi
8Pay to use
9Free virus available
10Mom Click here for Internet
11Dad Click here for Internet
12Wi Fight for Money
13Hacked Wifi
142 Girls 1 Router
15This is lIfe
16Wi Don’t you get a Wifi
17I am on the Roof Top
18Winternet is coming
19All your Bandwidth belong to us
21You Need Password to connect with me
22Buy a drink get the password
23Free McD Burger
24Illusion of free internet
25Call me for password
26Abraham Linksys
27Have Faith in God you will get free wifi
28Love Music Internet
29Love XBOX Wifi
30Music Soccer Wifi
31Life is nothing without wifi
32I’m under your bed
33Password is you
34Don’t select me
35Why do you want everything for free
36You cannot steal Internet
39Forgot Password?
40Reset Password…
42Save Wifi Use Lan…
432 Girls 1 Wifi
44Beer and Wifi
45My Life My Wifi
46Wifi Market
47Keys to the Wifi
48Wifi of Ice and Fire
49Wifi is coming
50Government restricted wifi


Throughout the article and from the listed Wi-Fi names we have tried to be as creative as possible and list down the best Wi-Fi names for you that are creative and are mannerly. These names, of course, may not be found on everyone’s router, however, may be similar to them. Of course, there are tons of choices available, but we believe that the names displayed above must be more than enough that might satisfy your need.

Let us know in the comments section below which were your favorite Wi-Fi names. Tell us any such funny incident wherein you have used the above names, and something happened. We are pretty sure if it has not happened earlier then it might happen after you put it in.


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