Harry Potter is one of the best movie series that we have grown up watching. We always have the best characters, the best dialogues, the places from the movie that we often use and cherish about them wherever we go. The movie series has been so popular that everyone can actually recognize when they see something related to it at any place in the world. These Wi-Fi names are inspired by them.

We have brought in together some of the best Wi-Fi names that you can play around and use it as you want for your Wi-Fi router. All these are fun, and creative names so feel free to modify and use them as you wish. If you like the names that we have created, also feel free to spread a word among your friends about our website. All the Wi-Fi names are not intended to be same, and this list is entirely different.

Below are some of the fantastic Harry Potter wifi names that are compiled using the character names, favorite dialogues from the movies and also from the acoustic, imaginary places shown in the movie series. Hope you like it!

Serial Number “Harry Potter Wifi Names”
1 This is a Wi-Fi
2 Not My Wi-Fi you B**ch
3 HogwartsWi-Fi
4 DumbleWi-Fi
5 Prisoner of Internet
6 Internet Potter
7 Harry Potter and Wi-Fi
8 No Draco it is my Wi-Fi Not yours
9 Have an Internet Potter
10 We’re not going to use Wi-Fi
11 Floo Network
12 Wi-Fedilus
13 Gryffindor Common room Wi-Fi
14 No Muggles
15 Wi-Fi Always
16 Let the wand choose it’s Wi-Fi
17 Aberto
18 Connecto Patronum
19 Go Away you muggle
20 Magical Wi-Fi
21 It’s Wi-Fi Not Whi-Fi
22 Wifardium LeviOsa
23 I am Lord Voltemort
24 Chaos Internet
25 Give her Network from us, Peeves
26 Wifulous Reparo
27 All was Wi-Fi
28 When in doubt, go to Wi-Fi
29 Where your Wi-Fi, there will be me also
30 Wow we’re identical
31 You’re a wizard harry
32 MalWi-Fi Draco MalWi-Fi
33 Chamber of Internet
34 Hogsmeade
35 Welcome 2 Azkaban
36 The Magic Internet
37 Scars can come in handy
38 Descendo
39 Erecto
40 Harry’s Wi-Fi


Well, you can have all your pretty things besides you, decorating them as you want, giving them the names you like. The Wi-Fi is one of the most commonly used things nowadays in every home. If you’re a harry potter fan and want to incorporate elements from that magical world into your daily life, then these mentioned Wi-Fi names are no less to perfection. They are all related to the world of Harry Potter and their intriguing characters.

Whatever name you choose, it will strikingly give another user who is searching for free internet network, a mark that this guy is a fan of Harry Potter. It instantly lets you make your favorite among your friends, colleagues. There are the wide variety of name options available that you can choose from. Feel free to use them as you wish. Let us know in the comments section below, what was your favorite and any other names if you’ve in your mind.