50 Nerdy Wi-Fi Names For Your Router & Network SSID

Have you ever made someone lol or have you ever lol seeing nerdy Wi-Fi names?

Do you want to fool the nerd?

Do you want to propose a girl/guy neighbor around you whom you can’t directly face with your Wi-Fi name and let her find you?

Do you want to get someone around you know your personality on seeing your Wi-Fi name?

Do you want to identify the clever friend around you with your Wi-Fi name?

Do you want to time pass differently?

Then you are at the right place. get your as$ in hands..!

Wi-Fi names are visible to anyone near you. Therefore they are different ways to confuse, confess, convey, fight, war, play with people within your network without their contact.

To select easily from a list of networks like Dlink, Apollo etc, having a unique and easy to remember Wi-Fi name is better. So why the old trend of default SSID has given my manufacturer?

Go, start getting nerdy Wi-Fi names and made someone lol by seeing your Wi-Fi names. Have a unique one like you.

So, Think of a funny yet nerdy Wi-Fi name when setting up your Wi-Fi router from the list below and have a unique one like you.


Nerdy WiFi Names

Here, we have given you some of the Best 50 Nerdy Wi-Fi names for your Router,  Network SSID.

Nerds are not ordinary, so they shouldn’t be stuck with a run-of-the-mill name at setup. This is our list of best nerdy Wi-Fi names. All names listed give credit to beloved nerdy names from the TV Shows and The Web Series. These names are sure to bring back memories and please your nerdy heart. Scroll through to see them all. Your name might even be on the list.

  1. Do you love me?
  2. Yes I love you
  3. Look at your as$
  4. Checked at yours
  5. F#ck you
  6. Fu#ck off
  7. Hack me
  8. Hacked you
  9. Dare!change my Wi-Fi password
  10. Your password is you can’t touch me
  11. Wife vs Wi-Fi
  12. I know your Wi-Fi password
  13. Live life
  14. Go live
  15. I know your chrome history
  16. I know your browsing data
  17. Breath Wi-Fi
  18. I know you are invisible
  19. Today you wore black dress
  20. Want to see u
  21. Come to terrace
  22. The one who is clever, come to me and say hi
  23. Shut your speakers off ( to ask your neighbors to reduce volume indirectly)
  24. I am a batman
  25. Call me idiot
  26. My Neighbors S#ck
  27. I saw two f#ckers
  28. Stop using my internet
  29. Game of thrones
  30. Friends
  31. Splitsville
  32. Candycrush
  33. Chess champion
  34. Love you Sachin
  35. What is this f#cking smell
  36. your food is burning
  37. Switch off your stove
  38. Your mobile is ringing
  39. Bulls#it babes
  40. Get lost fool
  41. Abraham is my inspiration
  42. DIE like a fly
  43. TODAYS NEWS! Hacked your facebook name ended with ‘tha’
  44. Sec C life
  45. What a beautiful sunset
  46. Don’t keep boring Wi-Fi names
  47. Put your shit in your pit
  48. Have unique Wi-Fi name like you
  49. Oh! You stepped in a dog’s poop.
  50. You are blacklisted

Enjoy 50 Nerdy Wi-Fi Names! Let us know if you have any other great ideas for Wi-Fi network router names in the comment below.

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