100+ Nerdy WiFi Names For Your Router & Network SSID

What do you call a person who is characterized by an obsessive interest in something and have a keen interest in something? Nerd! Right? People with a deep interest in something tend to show it at every possible path, that they are nerds! They even like when people call them Nerds! A nerd can be anyone who may like programming, acting, intelligence, book reading, storytelling, and many other things that they particularly familiarize with.

Have you ever thought of teasing your neighbors doing some mischievous things?

Do you ever think of getting popularized so that people keep talking about you?

Have you ever thought of kicking your neighbor a$$?

How about being a nerd if you aren’t? Thinking like them and acting like them?

All the above can be done plainly by using your Wi-Fi name since your Wi-Fi name is visible to everyone who tries to connect to your Wi-Fi router. It is entertaining, and we believe you should definitely try it once… but at your own risk!


Nerdy WiFi Names


Here, we have given you some of the Best 50 Nerdy Wi-Fi names for your Router,  Network SSID.

1 Abraham is my inspiration
2 Breath Wi-Fi
3 Bulls#it babes
4 Call me for password
5 Call me idiot
6 Candy crush
7 Candycrush
8 Checked at yours
9 Chess champion
10 Come to terrace
11 Connect to your own Wi-Fi yo!
12 cxxxx{}:::::::::::::::::::::::>
13 Dare!change my Wi-Fi password
14 DIE like a fly
15 Do you love me?
16 Don’t even try it
17 Don’t keep boring Wi-Fi names
18 Don’t try to use my Internet
19 Don’t waste ur time on Internet
20 F#ck you
21 FBI Department, [your place]
22 FBI Surveillance, [your place]
23 Flamingos for sale!
24 For porn use only
25 Friends
26 Fu#ck off
27 Game of thrones
28 Get lost fool
29 Get off my Wi-Fi you a**hole
30 Get your own damn Internet
31 Get your s#it together!
32 Go live
33 Hack me
34 Hack My Wi-Fi
35 Hacked you
36 Have unique Wi-Fi name like you
37 Hipsterpleasebuysomething
38 I am a batman
39 I am Facebook
40 I am Mark Zuckerburg
41 I am not giving you my Wi-Fi
42 I can hear you having sex
43 I have fit cameras in this Wi-Fi
44 I know you
45 I know you are invisible
46 I know your browsing data
47 I know your browsing history
48 I know your chrome history
49 I know your Wi-Fi password
50 I now pronounce u man and woman together
51 I remember everything about you
52 I saw two f#ckers
53 I will sue you if you use my Wi-Fi
54 Isn’t this Wi-Fi name amazing
55 It hurts when IP
56 Live life
57 Live Life
58 Live Wi-Fi
59 Look at your as$
60 Love you Sachin
61 My Neighbors S#ck
62 My neighbours su*k
63 Oh! You stepped in a dog’s poop.
64 Oh! You stepped into dog’s poop
65 Put your shit in your pit
66 Quit parking your car there
67 Sec C life
68 Show me your SSN
69 Show some respect dude
70 Shut your speakers off
71 Shut your speakers off ( to ask your neighbors to reduce volume indirectly)
72 Splitsville
73 Stop using my internet
74 Switch off your gas stove
75 Switch off your stove
76 Tell my Wi-Fi Love Her
77 The Airplance fart bandit
78 The one who is clever, come to me and say hi
79 The Promised LAN
80 This is a Meth Lab Internet
81 This Wi-Fi is broken
82 This Wi-Fi is for sale
83 Today you wore black dress
84 TODAYS NEWS! Hacked your facebook name ended with ‘tha’
85 Turn OFF your Wi-Fi
86 Two Girls, One Router
87 Unprotected ceX
88 Want to see u
89 What a beautiful sunset
90 What a sec C life
91 What is this f#cking smell
92 Wife vs Wi-Fi
93 Yell eggroll for password
94 Yes I love you
95 You are blacklisted
96 You connect to this internet and your computer will die
97 You Kids get off my LAN
98 your food is burning
99 Your home s#cks bro!
100 Your mobile is ringing
101 Your music is annoying
102 Your password is you can’t touch me
103 Your wish is my command
104 You’re blacklisted



Life shouldn’t be boring with the same routine amount of work, same redundant stuff doing again and again. How many times that have you thought that whole your life you will be only be writing assignments, completing home works? I have thought about them on some occasions! It is the time for the change. Start being awesome! You can do that initially by changing your Wi-Fi name such that your friends can pat on you for being creative.

All the above mentioned Wi-Fi names are compiled thinking as a nerd. Nerds try to be different. They often stand out from the crowd. As the names you see are funnier to yourself, it wouldn’t be surprising to see others liking it and even following it. So go ahead and use them as you want! Modify them as required and enjoy!

Let us know in the comments section below about your experience using them and rate your favorite or the worst Wi-Fi name. Also, if you like what we are doing don’t forget to share a thought about us among your friends, colleagues and family members.


Hi! My name is Chris. I'm the chief editor at WiFiNames.net. My Favorite things to do consist of Browsing internet, playing with my PC, and finding good names for my router. This blog is a place where my team and I share such good wifi names.

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