Lord of The Rings Wifi Names

Lord of the Rings is definitely one of the best movie series of all time. The movie was so fascinating, and the characters were so intense, the plot, the locations, everything about the movie series was so magical and lively that you could not miss any portion of the movie. There are so many things that we can talk about the movie. However, this article is not about the movie, but it is about the Wi-Fi names that you can have for your router.

lord of the rings wifi names

Well for a lord of rings fan, it is totally acoustic to have everything to start with the lord of rings and end with the same. These Wi-Fi names are specially compiled for those keeping their interests in mind and making the adjustments as required. These Wi-Fi names are completely free for use, and you can manipulate and use them as wanted. So without wasting much of your time explaining how to do it, let’s get started!

1 Lord of the Pings
2 You shall not Enter!
3 Where there is Wi-Fi there’s Internet…and needs of Passwords
4 Wi-FiGard
5 River Wi-Fi
6 A Wi-Fi is never late
7 Fly you fools!
8 Nobody tosses a Wi-Fi
9 You have my Internet And my password!
10 To the bridge of Khazad-router
11 Is it secret? Is It Wi-Fi?
12 Never trust an open Wi-Fi
13 Routers of the Rohan
14 Speak Friend
15 One router to rule them all
16 Strider
17 PaLANtir
18 LANDalf
19 Valinor
20 Mordor Internet
21 Your time will come you will face the same speed
22 But the fat Router, he knows
23 Frodo’s Internet
24 J.R.R Tolkien’s router
25 Helm’s Deep
26 Paths of the Internet
27 Home of the Internet
28 LANgorn forest
29 Middle Wi-Fi
30 Destroy the one Wi-Fi
31 Wi-Fi Gate-keeper
32 The Fellowships of the Wi-Fi
33 The Two Wi-Fi’s
34 Lidless Eye
35 LANwise Gamgee
36 SaruLAN
37 Witch King of Wi-Fi
38 Wi-Fier Maggot
39 Calacirya
40 Fool of a Wi-Fi
41 May it be Wi-Fi for you, in dark places
42 Give up the Internet, She-Elf
43 If you want him, come and bypass him!
44 You cannot offer me this ring!
45 The eye of Wi-Fi
46 Wi-Fi Sandyman
47 Gondor
48 Beacons of Amon din
49 Seventh Stone
50 One does not simply login to Wi-Fi



All the Wi-Fi names mentioned above are taken from the characters, places, famous dialogues from all the three parts of Lord of rings. These Wi-Fi names generally would not be available with everyone, so it is the best time for you to pick any of these and start using them for your own Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi names are creatively crafted so that it can match your needs as well as let others know that this is a name of Wi-Fi router.

Feel free to share with your colleagues, friends, and relatives about the Wi-Fi names list presented above. Also, if you like our work, please recommend us to them. So what was your best Wi-Fi name from the list and what do you think was the worst? Do you think we have missed any of them or you have anything else in your mind? Let us know in the comments section below.


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