Rick and Morty Wifi Names

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The series of rick and morty is quite astonishing, and almost all the characters of the series are people’s favorites. It is one of the most popular shows on television that have gained lots of popularity among the viewers. All its episode are It is the main reason that today we have gathered some wifi names that can relate easily to this TV show.

So, if you are a real fan of the Ricky and Morty then keep continuing reading the article!

In this article, we have picked a few famous names and quotes from the show and turn them into the incredible wifi names. So, let’s have a look at the result! We are sure you are going to like them all.

Rick and Morty Wifi Names

List of Rick and Morty WiFi names

Serial NumberRick and Morty Wifi Names
1Slavery With Extra Steps
2I am Mr. Wifi Look At Me
3Here’s a court order so you can’t eat shit anymore
4You Pass Butter
5Earth Realm C-137
6John Michael Vincent XIV
7The Squanches
8Blips and CHIIIIIITZ!
9Wub a lub a dub dub
10Inter-dimensional WiFi
11Morty Waves
12Riggity Riggity WiFi
13Wi-Fi C-13Szechuan
14Wi-Fi C-137
15Council of Ricks
17The Squanches
18Blips n Chitz
19Pass me the Butter
20Armothy Internet
21Slavery with Extra Speed
22WiFi of Ricks
23Morty’s WiFi Zone
24Morty’s Net
25Earth WiFi C-13 Szechuan
26Ricky’s Internet
27Focus on your Wifi
28Free wifi are basically funerals with cake
29All right, all right, cool it!
30Don’t think about it.
31You are not a hot girl
32Just a bunch a Cronenberg’s walkin’ around
33I don’t want to shoot nobody
34Get off the high road wifi route
35That’s horrible dude
36Welcome to the wifi club stranger
37You’re a monster using wifi
38I’m a genius; I build connections for fun
39Are you enjoying the free party?
40What can I get you? Free wifi?


The above are few names and quotes from the Ricky and morty show that we have utilized for making some unusual wifi names. These names signify the memories of the world’s favorite show on TV. You can rememorize your moments spend while watching the show. We are sure that anybody who sees these wifi names will inevitably ask you about it once.

You can use any of the above wifi names freely. But if you have any suggestions regarding the above wifi names then, do let us know in the below comment box. You can also share this article with all your friends and relatives who are in search of wifi names related to the rick and morty show.


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Chris - March 28, 2019

All these are great names to choose from. I had a hard time choosing between a few.
1. The One True Morty
2. Riggity Riggity Wrecked
3. Mr. Poopy Butthole
4. The Rickest Rick

    Chris - March 28, 2019

    Thanks, Chris for sharing your favorite Rick and Morty Wifi Names.

Dan - December 11, 2019

Pirates of the Pancreas
Anatomy Park
Keep Summer Safe
Programmed to Believe
Wanna develop an App
The Crystal Commands
Presidential Selfies
Get Schwifty


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