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Most of us today are using the Jio Wi-Fi either at home or in office. Every time you search for the free Wi-Fi networks nearby, we can assure you most of them will comprise of the Jio network. But have you tried keeping Jio Wi-Fi name ever?

Jio Wi-Fi names are prevailing a lot in the market today. So naming your router with the Jio Wi-Fi name will signify that you are also a user of this Wi-Fi network. It does not also publicize the network, but your neighbor also comes to know that you are also using this strong network.

In the below article, we have compiled some crazy and funny Jio Wi-Fi names that you can use for the naming your router. All these names are unique, innovative, and different which separate you from the other group of the mob. 

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List of Jio Wi-Fi names

The below are the Jio Wi-Fi names that you can use for naming the SSID network or the router:

S.NoWiFi name
1Professional Pirates
2Compilation Error.
3To-Be Entrepreneurs
4The Corporate Cowboys
5Empty Coffee Cups
6Rise of the Developers
7Tycoons of the Cubicle Paradise
8We work hard, We party harder
9Office Office
10Mission Planners
11Best in Business
12Over Achievers
13White Collar Crew
14Top Dawgs
15Bloody Data Business
16A Pitcher On My Mind
17Markets on the Rise
18Express Advertisers
19The Three Piece Suits
20Black Box Testers
21Appraisal Is Coming(?)
22The Elite Group
23The “Yes” Men
24Wanna-Be Cool Guys
25Wandering Travelers
26You Know the Drill
27Tech Ninjas
28Join at Your Own Risk
29Recycle Bin
30Status King
31Computer Conquerors
32Brothers From Different Mothers
34Busy Buddies
35Swag Partners
3624×7 Love
37Back Benchers
38My Gang
40404! Group name does not exist
41Be Bachelor Be Motivated
42Motivational Group
43The Unknowns
44Enter at Your Risk
45No more singles
46House Of Hunters
47Trouble Maker
48Over Achievers
49Logical Mind
50Adventure Adda
52We talk a lot
53Only singles
54Rock & Roll
55Hotness Overloaded
56Would you like to join?
57We Are Best
58So-Called Mobile network
59Crazy Minds
60Master Minds
61VIP Members
62Non-Stop Chat
63Rocking Stars
64Mad House
65X Mates
66Type Till You R.I.P.
67unSocial Stars
68Clever Tigers
69The “surname” Family
7024 Hour Drama
72Making Wi-Fi Great Again
73Abraham Linksys
74John Wilkes Bluetooth
75Stop Being A Mooch
76The LAN Before Time
77Nacho Wi-Fi
78It Burns When IP
79It Hurts When IP
80Please Connect for Identity Theft
81Mom, Click Here for Internet
82This is Not Free Either
83Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
84LAN of Milk and Honey
85LAN Solo
86Wi believe I can Fi
87LAN Down Under
88Password is 1234
89Cut your lawn
90Spying On You
91Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi!
92Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Lan
93Oh My Lord Its aWiFire
94Access Denied
96Benjamin FranLAN
97Vladimir Computin
98Help, I'm Trapped in This Router
99It's a Small World Wide Web
100Series of Tubes
101Go Go Gadget Internet
102The Promised LAN
103WI-FIght the inevitable?
104Silence of the LANs
105Occam's Router
106Get off My LAN!
107Router? I hardly knew her!
108Vance Refrigeration
109Wu-Tang LAN
110I Can Haz Wireless?
111Drop it like it's a Hotspot
112Look Ma, No Wires!
113All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us
114Dunder Mifflin
115Network Not Found
116LANdo Calrissian
117Wi-Fi Network? Why Not Zoidberg?
118One Does Not Simply Log Into Mordor
119Bill Clinternet
120Winternet is Coming
12199 problems, but Wi-Fi ain't one
122DHARMA Initiative – Station 4
123The Wireless-G Spot
124The Net starring Sandra Bullock
125Y No You Get Wi-Fi?
126I Pronounce you Man and Wi-Fi
127Keep it on the Download
128I'm Under Your Bed
129Ermahgerd, Wi-Fi!
130Wi-Fi, Wi-Not?
133Connection Lost
134Trojan Virus
137Setting up…
138Jio Re
140JIO Le Re
142Boss of all mobile networks
143Clean sweep
144Jio Addiction


The name of your router identifies your personal home Wi-Fi network, and it can also relate to the things that you are using at present. Using a funny and unique Jio Wi-Fi name for your SSID network might show your love to this fantastic internet network.

In the above article, we have listed several Jio Wi-Fi names after doing lots of hard work and effort. So you can now pick the one which you like the most. Also, share with us in the below comment box.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading the above article. You may also share this article with all your friends who are using the Jio network or a big fan of it. Don’t forget to tell us also that which next topic you want us to cover in our next blog about Wi-Fi names.

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