illegal Wifi Names

Illegal wifi names are bold and provocative choices to name your wireless network. These illegal wifi names are an unconventional way to name your network.

Still, one who can take it as inappropriate and inoffensive can choose the names. Here are some examples and ideas of these illegal wifi names.

Let’s see…

Serial NumberIllegal Wifi Names
1404 Network Unavailable
2Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
3The Promised LAN
4Wi-Fight the Power
5No Free Wi-Fi for You
6LAN of Milk and Honey
7Drop It Like It’s Hotspot
9The Wi-Fi Awakens
10I’m cheating on my Wi-Fi


Though it’s against the rules, we made a list of illegal wifi names in the right and entertaining way.

One who names their home network with these illegal wifi names is responsible for any offensive complaint.

So, be careful and don’t use these names for illegal and offensive purposes.


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