Geeky Wifi Names

Today the requirement of wifi has become quite necessary in every home, office or institutions. It not only provides us with quick and fast internet connection but also let us play numerous applications on our phone too. Some so many people still look for some free wifi connections so that they can connect easily.

But do you want to make your wifi public? Why don’t you keep the geeky wifi names of your router?

The geeky wifi names can use as a prank for showing something unfashionable and socially inexpert. People who search for the free wifi options will not only laugh after reading the geeky names, but they will cringe too.

In the below article, we will share with you a few geeky wifi names that you can utilize for keeping the name of your wifi at home or for naming the wifi hotspot of your mobile.


Geeky Wifi Names

List of geeky wifi names

  1. Bill Wi the Science Fi
  2. Poisoned
  3. It Burns When IP
  4. Netflix Streaming!
  5. Connection Lost
  6. Free Virus
  7. Agent Smith
  8. Not The WiFi You Are Looking For
  9. 128 KBPS WiFi
  10. Error: Can’t Connect
  11. Get Your Own Damn Internet
  12. Yes! Old Internet
  13. Not Your Wifi
  14. My Own Damn Internet
  15. Network Not Found
  16. This is My Number **********
  17. Dialup Internet
  18. Wi-Fight the inevitable?
  19. This Wi-Fi Is Infected
  20. NSA Surveillance Station 4
  21. Dark Knight
  22. You Lost Your Connection
  23. Top secret network
  24. Go Go Gadget Internet
  25. I Can Haze Wi-Fi?
  26. I got an iFun7
  27. You Shall Not Connect
  28. Enter Wireless
  29. C: Virus.exe
  30. Searching…
  31. Virus Infected WiFi
  32. Setting up…
  33. Connecting…
  34. Testing…
  35. Loading…
  36. Choose a Network
  37. Searching for a network
  38. Obtaining the IP Address
  39. Waiting for the connection
  40. Connection Lost
  41. Your Session has expired
  42. Access Denied!
  43. You have been blocked
  44. Limit Exceeded
  45. 404: Wi-Fi Unavailable
  46. Error: Please Contact Your ISP
  47. Gateway 504 Error
  48. Network_Error_410
  49. No internet connectivity
  50. No Networks Available
  51. Service Interrupted
  52. Router Failure
  53. Under Maintenance
  54. Device Damaged
  55. Very slow internet
  56. Dial-up Internet
  57. Server Error
  58. Signal not found
  59. Connection Out of Range
  60. Disconnected
  61. Incorrect password entered
  62. Prohibited
  63. *not working
  64. Router Malfunction
  65. Shutting Down
  66. Signing Off
  67. Not In Use
  68. Unavailable Now
  69. IP Connection Refused
  70. Connection timed out
  71. TCP/IP ERROR 42
  72. Use at your own risk
  73. Network is down
  74. Android Bluetooth
  75. RFID Tag Reader
  76. Need Antivirus Software
  77. Direct Satellite Home Transfer
  78. 168.1.1
  79. Device Battery Low
  80. Unknown Device
  81. dns_unresolved_hostname
  82. Airplane Mode Active
  83. 404 Network Unavailable
  84. DHCP_Failure_Error
  85. Come Get Hacked
  86. Connect so I can read your emails
  87. Connect and Die
  88. It’s Not Paid By Your Dad
  89. “Hack If You Can”
  90. No Wi-Fi For You
  91. Go & Take Money From Your Dad
  92. I don’t like Gang Bang
  93. Click Here To Brick Your Phone
  94. You are hacked
  95. Get Your Own WiFi
  96. Pay $1 Per Hour


We hope that you have enjoyed reading the above list of geeky wifi names. Today the access to wifi and internet are one of the essential things than the earlier time. So, if the wifi is so vital for all of us then, its name should also be significant for sure.

A geeky wifi name not only makes you a topic of discussion among friends but you can provide a unique identity to your network among so many available networks. Moreover, it can offer a small moment of enjoyment for the unknown visitors while browsing the Wi-Fi networks and suddenly your wifi name appears.

If you have any geekier wifi names in your mind then, do let us know in the below comment box. And don’t forget to tell us that which geeky wifi name is your favorite among the above list.



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