Best Wifi Names India

Are you looking for the best Wi-Fi names India? Then your search surely ends here. Lots of people love to use these names as their network passwords that are living in foreign nations or far from their native place. It makes them feel connected with their country. So, now it’s your turn to change your Router Network SSID names as per your concern.

In the below article, we are going to share with you some amazing Wi-Fi names for Indians that can be used for naming their router. These names might belong to some famous and cool Bollywood trending words or the dialogues that are common in Indian homes. You may pick any of the Wi-Fi names and make it look different from others.

List of best Wi-Fi Names India

The following is the list of best Wi-Fi names India that we have gathered after doing extensive research and study:

S.NoWi-Fi Name
1King Khan Fans
2Big B lovers
6We are Gully Boy
7Total Dhamaal
8Sultan of Colony
9Only Stree
103 Idiots
11Horror House
12Friendly Neighbour
13Virus Infected WiFi
14Use it at your own risk
16Cheater of India
17Thugs Of Hindustan
18Get off My LAN!
19Click Here for Viruses
20All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us
21Network Not Found
22Student Of The Year
23Pay for WiFi
24Namo Namo
25Shut Your Mouth
26This is not Free
27Jagga Jasoos
28Rajnikant's Wifi
29Lover Lane
30Rahul Gandhi Youth Network
31Manmohan Singh Browser
32Don't send me candy crush request
33Get Your Own WiFi
34Wow its the right choice
35My dog name is Tomy
36Happy Life fast Internet
37Help me pay for it
38To-let but pay in advance for wifi
39Router for sale.
40Free Net
41I am black
43Internet Recharge Center
44Free internet service providers
46Last house on this row has free wifi zone
47No free wifi to you
48Let's Share virus
49Your Girlfriend is so ugly
50This is not Government service
51Free only on Sunday
52You need to touch my feet for password
53I love your daughter
54Bondage Club
55Ha Ha next time lock your router
56Middle finger Raised
57Bye Bye Friends
58Learn and Earn
59Only for MBA student
60For B.Tech student on rent
61Google it for the password
62PubG net allowed
63Call me for password
64Always buffering
65Password generator
66I am not your assistant
67I am under your bed
68Hidden network
69Secret Net.
70Loading… internet
71Mr. Wi-Fi
72No Internet Access
73Guest Internet
74I feel naughty
75Inner Voice
76Stop Stealing my internet
77Why don't you mind your own business
78Hungry For Shopping
79WOW – Women of Wisdom
80Gossips launch
81Connect if you want to marry me
82Gossip Queens
83Silence is our enemy
84Angel Online
85Focus Fairies
86Open wifi Book
87The Public Square
88Heart Catchers
89Born To Be King
90Hardcore Lover
91Engineering for dummies
92Do Epic Shit
93Urban Turban
94Master of Disaster
95Proud BackBenchers
96Religion : Indian
97404-Not found
98Virus Infected WiFi
99GOD of Network
100Internet Of Demons
101Connect To Hell
102Origin Of Life
103Pirates Of Internet
104Enter at Your Own Risk
105Go Home Tourists
106Drop it like its Hotspot
107Dad Of Speed
108Use Beggars
109Not Your Wifi
110Jail Break
112Kinky Superstar
113World Of Daemons
114Way To Hell
115Connect For Free
116Dad's Gift
117No Cut Only Speed
118Get Off My Lan
119No Free Wifi for you


So, here we reach the final destination of our article!

All the Wi-Fi names that we have collected will surely make you feel connected with India. They are mostly used in Indian homes or by people living in India. Some of them are our original creation also. They are funny, geeky, clever, creative, and best Wi-Fi names for your router.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading the above list of best Wi-Fi names India. If you still have any other different Wi-Fi name India for your SSID then, please share it with us in the below comment box. You may also share this article with your friend who is looking for some different and unique Wi-Fi name.

Thanks for reading! Please let us know what topic you want us to cover in the next blog! We will keep on updating this list with more new and creative Wi-Fi names.


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