This is Impressive, Hey, that name sounds fashionable, that looks modern! Excellent choice of name! Is this kind of appreciation you want to hear from your friends and neighbors when they turn towards you to connect to your Wi-Fi? Then this is the right place for you to get inspiration.

These cool WiFi names not only make you popular but also let other people know about your thought process and personality which is being cool!

All the below mentioned Wi-Fi names are cool and impressive. These can be used anytime for your router, and you can start hearing those magical words from around you. They are prepared in a manner that they don’t hurt any others sentiments instead make them happy.

I always keep my mind cool which let me take cool decisions in life. This Wi-Fi names would be one step towards that for you. So without any further due, let’s get started!


Here are cool Wi-Fi network names that can be ever found. you have any other great ideas for Wi-Fi network router names in the comment below.

Serial Number Cool WiFi names
1 Ultra Secure
2 150 MBPS Speed
3 2 Girls 1 Router
4 2fast4u
5 4 Girls 1 Router
6 404 Network Unavailable
7 A free Wi-Fi sounds cool
8 Act Free Internet (Act = popular ISP)
9 Algebra complicating maths since 862, B.C
10 All gadgets connect here
11 All magic come with price
12 All Your Bandwidth Belong to the US
13 An artist says a hard thing in a simple way
14 Ask me for password
15 Avengers destructible Wi-Fi
16 Baby use this one
17 Being cool is all matters
18 Being Myself
19 Best Wi-Fi range
20 Beware of dogs
21 Bob’s Unsecured House of Wi-Fi
22 Book Nerd
23 Break the bed cex
24 Breaking LAN
25 Bring Beer and Women to 40.2
26 Buy a new smartphone?
27 Caitlin stop using our internet!
28 Call me LAN
29 Call Me Maybe
30 Call me Maybe anytime
31 Check outside
32 Check your pocket
33 Come to dark side I have free Wi-Fi
34 Connect and Die
35 Cool head and warm Wi-Fi
36 Desperate Wi-Fi
37 Dial the local police number on your phone.
38 Don’t stop Wi-Fiing
39 Don’t touch my Daughter!
40 Don’t try to hack
41 Don’t touch my Wi-Fi. Just connect to it
42 Drop it like its Hotspot
43 Earn free money
44 Enter the Dragon’s Network
45 Feel like Flying
46 First-time cex
47 Free Ka Maal
48 Free Wi-Fi
49 Free Wi-Fi is here
50 Get off My LAN!
51 GetOffMyLawn
52 GetYourOwnetBro
53 Good Wi-Fi
54 Good Wi-Fi cool more than cold water
55 Ha Ha next time lock your router
56 Hacker’s Wi-Fi
57 happiness is how you get them.
58 Harm your device
59 Haters Gonna Hate Ain’t’s Gonna Ain’t
60 Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!
61 Hey there !!
62 Hey, your dog stays away from here.
63 Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wi-Fi
64 Hide you kids, Hide your Wi-Fi
65 Hide your Kids, Hide your Wi-Fi
66 I am a destroyer
67 I am a super Saiyan.
68 I am hungry
69 I am not perfect. I am Awesome.
70 I am the Internet, AMA
71 I am watching you!
72 I can connect in snap
73 I didn’t copy this from anywhere
74 I don’t like mornings people.Or mornings . or people.
75 I don’t need Google, My GF knows everything.
76 I don’t when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done.
77 I fathered your child
78 I have cameras and Wi-Fi
79 I have seen you littering
80 I pronounce you Man and Wi-Fi
81 I slept with your Wi-Fi
82 I speak fluent sarcasm
83 I will send you to jail.
84 I will slap you
85 I, me, myself and I.
86 I’m pretty cool But I cry a lot
87 I’m right.You’re wrong .I win. You loose.
88 if work is worship then I am an atheist
89 If you know me, you know the password
90 InSSiDer
91 It Hurts When IP
92 It is an open Wi-Fi
93 It never get easier, You just get stronger
94 Its my Wi-FI None of your Wi-Fi
95 IveSeenYouNaked
96 Karen’s Network
97 Keep it on the Download
98 LANd rover
99 Life is short so is your penis
100 Look Ma, No Wires!
101 Love is being stupid together.
102 Me and my Wi-Fi are cool
103 Mind your own business
104 More…
105 Mr. Wi-Fi
106 My Neighbors Suck
107 Net gear
108 Netflix Streaming!
109 New England Clam Router
110 Newlywed cex
111 No Devices connected
112 NoFreeINternetHereKeepLooking
113 Not Free So Use 3G
114 Not Gov’t wifi
115 Occam’s Router
116 Oh! You stepped in a dog’s poop.
117 Oh, your teeth’s are yellow.
118 Once See Back
119 One Family One Wi-Fi
120 One stop shop for your internet
121 One Wi-Fi many connections
122 Other…
123 Out of Order Try Later
124 Outdoor cex
125 Password
126 Password is Password
127 Personal Hotspot
128 Please leave this Wi-Fi.
129 Please no more grindcore at 3 am
130 Please stop having s*x at 3 am
131 Please tell me some best Wi-Fi names.
132 Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
133 Prohibited Area
134 Property of my hot girlfriend only
135 Property of my hot wife
136 Quit Using My Wi-Fi
137 Rabies infected Wi-Fi.
138 Role play cex
139 Root phone
140 Router, I Hardly know Her
141 Save water drink beer!
142 Save Wi-Fi save lives
143 Searching…
144 Shut your Fucking Dog Up
145 Skynet Global Defense Network
146 Smart Wi-Fi for smart persons.
147 Sorry for loud cex
148 Stop polluting the environment.
149 Stop seeing
150 Stop spamming it
151 Stop s*cking
152 Stop watching your ass
153 Super Thanks For Asking
154 Swiss Internet
155 Switch off your phone
156 Teen Idle
157 Tell My Wi-Fi LoveHer
158 This is FBI’s LAN
159 This is free Wi-Fi. Connect and play
160 This is My Number 9*********
161 This is Not Free Either
162 This LAN is your LAN
163 thisisthepassword
164 Top secret network
165 Unlockable Wi-Fi
166 Use This One Mom
167 Use your phone number
168 Virus
169 Virus infected
170 Virus Infected Wi-Fi
171 Vodka is answer to most question
172 Warning! Malware signals
173 White Wi-Fi turning Black Internet
174 Who the hell are you
175 Why don’t you take bath
176 Why don’t you work hard
177 Wi believe I can Fi
178 Wi-Fi Black Edition
179 Wi-Fi Geeker
180 Wi-Fi is life
181 Wi-Fi is permanent
182 Wi-Fi Matte Black Edition
183 Wi-Fi Password is *******
184 Win this free laptop
185 Worst thing about censorship is ———
186 You are a big spam.
187 You are a g*y
188 You are blacklisted
189 You are standing on a barren land
190 You cannot catch me!
191 You Lost Your Connection
192 You need super training
193 You smell like poop
194 You talk too much
195 Your device contains a lot of virus.
196 Your device is cracked.
197 Your Dog Shits In My Yard
198 Your facebook if is hacked
199 Your grammar is more annoying
200 Your music is annoying.
201 Your seat is wet.


With these Wi-Fi names, we have taken one level up and provided you the coolest Wi-Fi names that you can ever think of. This is an open internet, and you’re free to use any of the listed Wi-Fi names, modify them as per your needs and keep it for your router without any hassles.

For me, everything that I do contribute to my existence. For your router, it is the name that talks and adds to its presence and your identity.